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Treating Children


Teeth are important to maintain in an adult's life, however, it all starts from the beginning when the children get their first adult teeth which is in their childhood.


Our dental clinic can bulk bill children under the new Federal Government Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Children aged 2-17 years if eligible, are entitled to $1000 for up to two consecutive years.

To be eligible children aged 2-17 years of age, that have a Medicare card, that have Family Tax Benefit Part A, or through one of the Australian Government payments.

Children's teeth are important to the overall general health.


Services that are offered through the scheme include:

  • Regular 6 monthly checkups, xrays

  • Fillings and nerve treatment

  • Scale and clean

  • Fissure sealants

  • Wisdom teeth assessment and removal

  • Mouthguards


Also, this excludes orthodontic treatment, however our orthodontic treatment is at a reasonable cost, so please see your dentist for more information


Baby teeth start erupt at 6 months and will get their full set of baby teeth by age 3. The first permanent tooth erupts at age 6. By 12-13, most children have 28 permanent teeth. The wisdom teeth usually erupt around 17-21 years.

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