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In regards to your dental fees:


1. Please contact us for details in regards to cost of treatment on (03) 9795 6919. The fees charged are kept as low as reasonably possible but does not compromise on the quality of care that we provide for our patients

2. Unlike Medicare, dental fees are not subsided by the government and there is no recognised fee schedule

3. Fees are set by the dentist to take into the account the individual costs of the practice  but also to ensure that is fair to you as a client

4. The best way to lower your dental costs is to prevent dental decay and gum disease. Regular checkups are inexpensive and are achievable in terms of maintaining your smile for life

5. If you are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme through Medicare, we do accept them. So please bring the form if you can and your Medicare card. This scheme allows for comprehensive dental treatment of $1000 over a 2 year period and it is eligible to those patients between 2-17 years old.


In regards to your dental insurance:


1. Each health fund determines what level rebates it will pay based on its own commercial requirements

2. If you have a problem with your health fund, you should contact your health fund directly


We accept all health funds, credit (Mastercard, Visa), cash and we have HICAPS on the premises.


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