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Oral Diseases: General Information


We love to educate our patients so that they can look after and maintain their teeth and smile.

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Dental Caries


Bacteria are normally present in the mouth - some are good and some are bad.

Some components in your saliva mix with the bacteria and form plaque, which is the white, sticky stuff on your tooth.

These bacteria use sugar as a form of energy.

As it eats the sugar, it produces the acid that dissolves the enamel which causes the tiny holes in your tooth. This is known as a cavity.

That it is why it is important to have preventative and regular checkups to prevent this from happening and don't wait till it hurts!

Gum Disease


Many of us have gingivitis at some time in our lives. It is a reversible oral disease.

This is due to infrequent and incorrect brushing technique which results in plaque built up on the tooth surfaces.

Bacteria in the plaque irritate the gum tissue, causing gum tenderness, inflammation and pain.

If this continues, then the gums will bleed and more severe symptoms can occur, which may lead to loss of bone and loss of support for the tooth and eventual tooth loss, which is known as periodontitis. This is irreversible but can be controlled.

Cracked tooth


Symptoms include pain on chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold which can lead to a toothache. This can be difficult to diagnose.

Teeth suspectible include those with larger fillings where there is very little tooth structure holding on to the filling, and grinding or clenching habits.

The degree of the crack would depend on the treatment which can vary from a simple filling, to a crown to protect the weakened tooth from further crack propagation. Or if involving the nerve, would need root canal treatment, however, if progressed to cause splitting of the tooth, it would require extraction.

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