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Extractions and Wisdom teeth extractions


Extractions are carried out on heavily decayed teeth/loose teeth/those teeth with a poor prognosis. Please enquire with the clinic regarding costs and about replacement of teeth.


Wisdom teeth usually erupt around the 18-25 year age bracket. They can be impacted (no space for them to erupt) or if there is space, may not erupt into the right position. There are many reasons for removing wisdom teeth:


  • Infection: when the wisdom teeth tries to push through the gums - lead to swollen gums, pain, jaw stiffness

  • Crowding: may push nearby teeth of their correct position which MAY cause crowding of front teeth but not necessarily

  • Cysts: Form around the tooth and can destroy bone and damage other teeth and gums

  • Damage to nearby molars: an impacted wisdom tooth may keep pushing and can cause damage to adjacent teeth


Why do all four of my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

-if one tooth is extracted due to the above reasons,

the opposing tooth will keep moving until it hits something

(gingiva of the extracted tooth) hence causing problems

-the difficulty of the extraction will depend on the dentist

and whether it would need a referral to the specialist

or whether it can be done in the surgery clinic.

Please ask your dentist regarding the options

and we shall be more than happy to discuss it

with you aswell the risks and complications involved.

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