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Oral hygiene: Flossing


After you brushed your teeth, there is still at least 40% of surfaces left untouched.

It is important that you clean in between the teeth as it improves the health of your gums, improves bad breath and can minimise the progression of gum disease.


Flossing technique:


1. Take the floss and wrap it loosely around your middle finger


2. Make the floss taut and gently slide the floss up and along each side of the tooth, including underneath the gumline.


3. When taking the floss out, gently slide the floss out by dragging the floss through the contact rather than snapping it out


  • the reason why gums bleed is an indication that it is a sign of gum disease

  • it will take a few weeks for the gums to heal and become healthier

  • the waxed flosses are better to use as they are less likely to shred and go in between the teeth easier

  • if there are wide gaps, you can use interdental brushes

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