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Preventative Dentistry


Scale and clean:

To prevent further progression of the gum disease, proper brushing and flossing is required, aswell as a professional clean once every 6 months or as deemed by your dentist based on your dental condition.


It is very difficult to remove the tartar present on your teeth based only on brushing, hence the professional clean is required every 6 months to minimise the progression of gingivitis.


Brushing helps to remove plaque which is the precursor to tartar formation.



It is a natural mineral that is present in tap water and toothpastes that strengthen the enamel in your teeth and can help cavities from forming.

If you feel they aren't getting enough fluoride, seek advice and treatment from your dentist



Everyone knows that sugar can cause decay. However, if you do not eat well which results in poor nutrition this can not only affect your teeth but your gums and can make you more susceptible to other mouth conditions and for your general health.

  • Choose food from the main food groups: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, breads, cereals, meat, fish and eggs

  • avoid sticky, sugary foods that stick on to your teeth

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