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This process involves removing the pulp (nerve of the tooth) from within the tooth and sealing it thereafter.


Root canal treatment may be required when the tooth becomes very sore, tender to bite on, have a large cavity or the pulp of the tooth can die without causing any noticeable pain.


There are usually three stages of treatment:

1) The nerve and its components are removed and the canal is cleaned throughly through the crown of the tooth

2 )Thin files are used with cleaning solutions to clean the canal and an antibiotic is placed in between appointments

3) A sealant is placed to seal the canal and xrays are taken throughout the procedure


The whole process is usually over three appointments roughly every two weeks.


Some things you would need to know:

  • it may darken after root canal treatment - but not necessarily

  • more than 80% root canal treatments are successful

  • may need referral to specialists if access and treatment is difficult

  • expensive treatment

  • upon completing root canal treatment, a crown will need to be placed over the tooth as all root canal treated teeth become more fragile and brittle. A cheaper option would be a filling, however, they do not support the tooth and can have a risk of fracturing or causing a vertical root fracture

Root canal treatment

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