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Teeth Whitening


Most people want a brighter and whiter smile. We can offer a safer alternative to toothpastes in regards to whitening your teeth. Please consult your dentist regarding whether whitening is appropriate for you.


For better long term results, we recommend home whitening trays and gels


Home Whitening:


- a whitening gel is placed on a custom made mouthguard like tray so that the bleach is applied only to the teeth

-we shall instruct you how to use the tray and gel

-we advise them to use 1-2 hours a day, once or twice a day, for a 2 week period

-Bleaching results usually last a long time but eventually they do fade

-Hence it is good to get a 'touch up' result 6 or 12 monthly

- if you run out of bleach, please enquire us and we can sell you our bleach

-we use a safe and low dosage of hydrogen peroxide suitable for teeth but also to achieve the lightest shade possible for your individual needs.


Are they any side effects?


- the whitening gel is safe and effective and it does not damage or weaken the teeth

- some may experience an increase in sensitivity, but the whitening gel used will limit this occurring. If this does occur, do not use for 1-2 days to allow the sensitivity to settle and restart the process again

-it can cause gum irritation, however this can be minimized by doing a scale and clean first to remove the stains and improve the health of your gums prior to applying the bleach

-the filling will not be bleached, hence there may be a need to replace them


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