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Temporomandibular Disorders


The Temporomandibular joint or the 'jaw joint' is where the lower jaw is connected to the base of the skull which helps open and close your jaw.


Symptoms of TMD include: sore jaws, toothaches, sinus problems, neck and back pain, ear ache, headaches, pain on chewing/yawning, limited mouth opening, symptomatic clicking of jaws, facial tension, locked jaw.


Causes are numerous, however, these are common and can have one or more which may be responsible. Diagnosis is difficult and a thorough history to rule out the possible causes is vital to ensure a proper treatment can be done. All dental infections must be dealt with.


Hence book an appointment with us to have thorough examination and a proper treatment plan done so that we can provide the appropriate treatment and appropriate referral to specialists if need be.


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