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Adults: Oral hygiene


We are leading busy lives but that doesn't mean that our oral hygiene should be neglected. Adults are still at risk of developing cavities but a common problem is gum disease.


Gum Disease: It starts as gingivitis which is when your gums are red and swollen which can bleed when you brush or can cause bad breath. If left, it can progress to periodontitis which can lead to loss of bone support around the tooth which can lead to sensitive teeth, infections and eventual tooth loss.


Decay: Despite having fillings present, decay can still occur underneath the fillings which is important why we need to take radiographs


Sensitivity: As we get older, our teeth look longer due to the gum shrinking back, which allows the root surface to be exposed. The root surface is soft and prone to decay and have sensitivity nerve fibers that can contribute to the sensitivity. Special toothpastes and some preventative fillings can help in this instance, but mostly it is managing the symptoms.


Crowns: We all have larger fillings which eventually weaken the tooth. By placing a crown this strengthens the tooth but also its appearance


Teeth whitening: As we age, our teeth become yellow. The outer part of the tooth over time becomes thinner and the inner part of the tooth which is yellow shows through. In house and take home whitening can be done which can improve shade colours, please see our dentist to discuss this.


Orthodontics: It is never too late! It is never too late to have a beautiful smile with straight teeth, please contact us for a consult with one of our dentists for more information.

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