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Teenagers and Young Adults: Oral hygiene


By this stage, all teenagers will have their adult teeth which they will need for the rest of their life. Most will be healthy due to water fluoridation and the long term use of fluoride toothpastes and awareness of dental health


However, in regards to this age group, there are areas that are to be noted:

  • Orthodontics: with the eruption of all adult teeth, we can know whether they would require orthodontic treatment or not. Sometimes this can be noted earlier, however by this stage, they should have it checked out. Having straight teeth is not just to have a beautiful smile but also for their functionality (i.e. chewing), as it can cause bigger problems down the track. Crooked teeth are much harder to keep clean and are more likely to lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Nutrition: Healthy diet is not only for your dental health but general health.

  • Mouthguards: This are vital in preventing significant injuries happening to your teeth whilst playing sport. For maximum protection, a professionally made, custom fitted mouthguard is more suitable

  • Smoking: Best to be avoided as early as possible as this can have severe consequences on your teeth and gums but also your general health. It can lead to stained yellow teeth, gum disease and long term use can lead to a high risk of developing oral cancers

  • Eating disorders: Teenagers are at risk of developing eating disorders. The teeth are susceptible due to the induced vomiting. This can severely erode the enamel on the teeth which makes them more sensitive and vulnerable to tooth decay. Fluoride toothpastes can help minimise this.

  • Wisdom Teeth: Teenagers and young adults are susceptible to wisdom teeth pain which commonly occurs during this period. Seek your dentist to determine the appropriate management and treatment.

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